Web Design

You have an idea, but no design or development yet? My specialty is to turn those ideas into reality. One of the biggest issues with design is that the expectations of the client don’t match the vision of the designer. I want to make sure I design according to your expectations, not mine.

Wordpress Development

27% of all websites are powered by WordPress. It is one of the most powerful website makers in the world. The biggest plus: it’s easy to use. Average Joe can learn how to use it. I include instructions, custom to your site, on how to edit main things on your website yourself.

Seo Integration

To gain new visitors, a website has to be found. My package includes full Search Engine Optimization Integration so your website is going to be ranked in Google and you’ll be found by the people that look for you.

Keyword Research

Being found on a keyword is one thing, but are these the right keywords you’re being found on? Are you driving the right customers to your site? My package includes extensive keyword research on the right keywords that your market is looking for.

Facebook Ads

We spend more and more time on Social Media. When people watch television, they turn to their phone during commercials, so it is key to move with the market and advertise yourself on social media. I offer taking care of your Facebook ad campaigns.

Video editor

Another passion of mine is video editing. I run a successful vlog channel on YouTube and I believe that the video element is going to be a huge deal in website development. In my package I offer extensive video editing to your footage, which will enhance the website’s look.

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About me

My name is Matthijs, 19 years old, originally from Holland and I have a passion for travel. My main mode of transport is a bicycle. I’ve been traveling through Europe for the last year and currently I’m situated in Australia. Besides that I have a passion for web design and web development. I’ve been learning web development for a long time now, but since recently I’ve been taking it seriously. I love being creative and website design is a very creative field. From travel I get the inspiration that I then need to do something with, often through my YouTube videos or website creations. I’m very grateful that I can do both things and want to do the best I can to make this a success.

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